Resilience Training at Sibanye Gold in Tanzania

The Sibanye Gold ladies were inspired by Tanya Stevens (GIBS) who shared her time and energy to impart her knowledge about the subject Developing Resilience.  The Session was held at Sibanye Gold Academy on Monday, 8 June 2015. – “Silas Maakwe – Sibanye Gold  

Understanding What Causes Anxiety & Depression

For many of us some form of anxiety and/or depression is a part of life, a part a new UK study seeks to understand better. Led by Professor Peter Kinderman the research group reveals that, while there is no single cause, there are 5 major triggers of anxiety and depression: … Read More

Company Culture Is Vital to Building Corporate Resilience

When it comes to building a corporation that lasts people often look good leaders, a solid business structure and good strategy – all of which are important – but neglect the immense importance of the right company culture. AIRMIC (a UK risk management association) recently released the very interesting Road … Read More

Sleep Debt and How to Pay It Off

I’ve often comforted myself with the idea of catching up on missed sleep after a late night, promising myself a long nap over the weekend. The question however, is whether it’s even possible to make up for lost sleep? What is sleep debt? In essence sleep debt is the difference … Read More

The Science of Sleep

We all know that we dream while we’re asleep but how much do we really know about what goes on in our brains while we’re in dreamland? Take a look at this great infographic  from Care for the Body that sets out the basics of sleep at a glance:   … Read More

Think Losing Sleep Doesn’t Matter?

We’ve all been guilty of losing sleep in the hopes of finishing a project or prepping for a presentation but even one night’s loss of sleep has an impact on our bodies. This infographic by Alissa Scheller for the Huffington Post reveals a couple of scary truths: 

Retain a Sense of Wonder

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of our day to day tasks and challenges – which is why it’s even more important to retain a sense of wonder about life and the world we share.Nurturing our curiosity, our awe of the natural world and an awareness … Read More

Coming up: The South African Enneagram Conference

I’m very excited to be speaking at this year’s conference where we’ll be tackling the theme “Diversity and the Enneagram”.Essentially this theme allows us to explore the following: The Enneagram as a framework that illuminates diversity and invites compassion for others The application of the Enneagram to support an appreciation … Read More